Less Work, More Living

image credit: Scott Liddell

Working fewer hours could save our economy, save our sanity, and help save our planet. 

Millions of Americans have lost control over the basic rhythm of their daily lives. They work too much, eat too quickly, socialize too little, drive and sit in traffic for too many hours, don’t get enough sleep, and feel harried too much of the time. It’s a way of life that undermines basic sources of wealth and well-being—such as strong family and community ties, a deep sense of meaning, and physical health.

Earn less, spend less, emit and degrade less. That’s the formula. The more time a person has, the better his or her quality of life, and the easier it is to live sustainably.

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Juliet Schor is professor of sociology at Boston College and the author of the national bestseller The Overspent American. This article is adapted from True Wealth by Juliet Schor, reprinted by arrangement with Penguin Books, a member of Penguin Group (USA), Inc. Copyright (c) Juliet Schor, 2011. It appeared in New Livelihoods, the Fall 2011 issue of YES! Magazine.

Original article by Juliet Schor in YES! Magazine, dated September 2, 2011.

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