october 2011


Sustainability and Sustenance in the American Agri-food System

Author Patricia Allen discusses the efforts of two movements, sustainable agriculture and community food security, in her book Together At The Table. Allen examines the two movements involved in reconstructing the agri-food system from the growing of crops to production and distribution so that we can work toward becoming more ecologically sound, economically viable, and socially just. Learn more about this book at Penn State University Press.

A Journey from Sustenance to Sustainability                                  

The Gorakhpur Environmental Action Group (GEAG), initiated a program in India which allowed increased sustainability in a local farm system by strengthening recycling processes and maintaining soil fertility by using sustainable bio-inputs and ecological methods that resulted in higher net gains and improved health in families. Watch this inspiring documentary at Culture Unplugged.

Green Building Talk

Charlottesville’s UVA architecture department is making its contribution to the affordable, energy efficient housing movement. The departments ecoMOD project has built several homes that cost less than a buck a day in electricity costs. To learn more and find out what the ecoMOD project is doing to develop the  zero energy home, click here.

Bioneers Conference

Although it may be hard to define exactly what the Bioneers Conference is, it’s clearly a conference of progress, change, and endurance. People from all over come to hear the wisdom of scientists, spiritual teachers, game changers, grandmothers, and others thoroughly invested in supporting us all in transitioning into a more sustainable, life-respecting future. This year’s hot speakers include: Gloria Steinem, Lynne Twist and Phillippe Cousteau.

Occupy Wall Street  

Fight the Power! Join leaderless protests in cities nationwide with folks who are tired of being ruled by the top one percent. Occupy Wall Street has been called revolutionary for its potential to transfer power from the few to the many. Like the many protests that have taken place around the world this year, it illustrates the beginnings of wholesale change.

Video of Cornell West at Occupy Wall Street







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