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A few years ago,  Annie Leonard came out with the Story of Stuff, which explained how all of our junk affected our lives, our environment, the lives of folks in other countries, etc. Her latest movie, the Story of Broke takes a look at the economy and why our government says it has no money for schools, but plenty for military operations. In fact, check out her page to find out how she’s broken down the Story of Stuff to look at all aspects of what’s broken and why.

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Learn about resources on topics related to the Story of Stuff:

Elemental: Story of the Natural World

Three stories on three continents reveal how we are all connected through the “university of nature” herself. Watch the preview of Elemental and learn more about the film.

Thrive Movement

As a documentary film, Thrive covers a lot of ground. The core of its message, however, is all about the extensive power of corporations. Check out their Web site to have a look at, not just the film trailer, but a lot of documented information they uncovered to make the movie. Follow the money to discover the heart of their story and the future corporations/the government seems to have in mind for us: Thrive: Follow the Money

National Priorities Project

Find out more about how the makers of Thrive and the Story of Broke came up with their findings. National Priorities Project offers resources, tool, charts, articles, and a space to exchange information about Federal spending and how it affects all of us.





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