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To be in relationship with your life as it unfolds is the point of cultivating presence. Some of us learn this best by going inward and getting to know ourselves better.  And some of us learn this best in relationship to others. However you choose to learn what it means to be in relationship, creativity, vulnerability, and truth-telling (even when we feel scared) will be helpful in your journey.  To be really useful in the world we must cultivate the skills to be in relationship with one another as well. Here are some resources that will help you along the way.

innerPRACTICE resources

radical relationship | three pillars for transforming together

angel Kyodo williams gives us a succinct definition of what it means to be in radical relationship.  By understanding the principles of radical  responsibility, accountability, and purpose, we can create the conditions for radical relationship to thrive.

Conflict Avoidance 

Jayson Gaddis encourages us to be truthful in our interactions with ourselves and others.  Avoiding conflict and being less than truthful hinders our ability to be present in our life as it unfolds.

The Power of Vulnerability

Brene Brown shares her dissertation and thesis work on vulnerability.  She invites us to consider the power of being vulnerable.

Nurturing Creativity

Elizabeth Gilbert shares her insights on nurturing creativity.  Creativity is essential for critical thinking and stewarding relationship in a good way.




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