Ingredients of Love

Author and cultural critic, bell hooks has devoted her life to discovering the true nature of love. She defines six ingredients of love, including, the links between healing and love, what healing is and why something doesn’t have to be broken for healing to take place. 

bell hooks is fascinated by love. For years, she has looked at love from all directions, and in the course of all this seeking, discovered a contradiction in our understanding of love.

A writer, teacher and cultural critic, bell hooks is best known for her work examining systems of domination, especially racism and patriarchy, and how they may be overcome. She has published more than twenty books, including Talking Back: Thinking Feminist, Thinking Black; Killing Rage: Ending Racism; and Where We Stand: Class Matters. hooks says that uncovering and naming the forms of oppression in our society is an extension of her lifelong curiosity about love and her desire to see love manifested.

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Original article appeared in the winter 2004 issue of Ascent magazine the interview with bell hooks conducted by Juniper Glass.

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