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Historically, people tend to start big things on the first of the year. Political and history-making decisions aplenty have occurred on the first: Lincoln freed the slaves, Ellis Island opened, Castro took power in Cuba, Nixon’s top aides were found guilty of obstruction (Watergate), and the Portuguese named a place already on the map: Rio de Janeiro, which means River of January. Perhaps it’s that that first day gets us off to a promising start, 364 days in front of us to keep ourselves on track.

And in this new year, fraught with predictions of the end of the world and a presidential election which seems to have us again between a rock and a harder place, matched with the 99% who will no doubt help bring forth long-needed change…well, let’s just say we’re in for quite a ride. I say we face it with optimism. It’s certain that we don’t know what’s coming. We may as well get ourselves ready, renew body and mind and step forward into 2012 wholeheartedly.

This month celebrate: Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday (Jan 16) & Lunar New Year (Jan 23), the year of the Dragon.

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