newDharma Talk | Wholeness Through Relationship

In this dharma talk, we’re asked to focus on what’s hiding in the closets we call compassion, relationship, friendliness and joy.  Using Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra as a platform, this talk asks if we are truly connecting with others or hiding behind a façade of actions and words and therefore living out of balance with ourselves and others.

“If we don’t do this [cultivate balance]–not in a cave, but out there with the rest of the world–we have not a single chance of having any real relationship, because when a relationship is out of balance it simply cannot be sustained. Any relationship that has imbalance will eventually fall apart. On the one hand, one person will be resentful and on the other hand, the other person will feel disrespected…

“And all relationships can go out of balance, all of them, for some period of time, but they must find balance in order to be sustained. Imbalance in relationship cannot be sustained. Imbalance in yourself cannot be sustained. If you are out of relationship with yourself, you will be out of relationship with everything and everyone around you. If you are out of relationship with everyone and everything around you, well, you know, you just might as well go home.”

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