Meet Our New Communications Steward | Kim King

After several months of looking, and several candidates, we settled on East Coast native Kim King to help us with our communications outreach. She’s already enlivened CXC with her quick wit, problem solving skills, and absolute passion for marketing and outreach.

As our communications steward she’ll focus on external communications for CXC, including all events held at the Center. She’ll also be creating more social media interaction, marketing new and ongoing projects at CXC, and expanding and promoting transform.
Kim has a background in social media marketing and communications outreach and has worked with nonprofits for the past 7 years. I asked her how she decided on marketing for nonprofits as a career choice. She told me that she first studied fashion marketing while in school, but after being introduced to the reach and potential of marketing for nonprofits she’s been hooked on supporting them make meaningful change in their communities.

One of the things she likes about what she does is that social marketing allows you to work with an organization you’re passionate about and care about.

Prior to coming to CXC she did work for Human Rights Campaign for LGBT Rights, National Black Justice Coalition, and the Urban League of Washington, DC. Her goal at the Center is to help CXC “become the nucleus of the field for transformative change” and to show how folks everywhere how they can become a part of what happens here.

Over the next several months, she’ll be helping roll out:

• workshops focusing on topics dealing with transformative change

• fearlessMEDITATION workshops, including levels two and three

• and fearlessYOGA Teaching Training taking place here in August

“Coming here was like finding my tribe,” Kim says. “I had an inkling that the Bay was where I was supposed to be.”

We think so, too.

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  1. Kim,
    We’re not sure if our first e-mail reached you.
    If our new 2012 documentary might serve your TRANSFORM programs, we can easily mail it to you
    Described in the URL in your headers above, it is DIALOGUE IN NIGERIA: Muslims & Christians Creating Their Future .
    Libby and Len

  2. Awesome! You found the precious needle in the haystack. I’m glad you have an awesome Communications Director that fits the mold of CXC. Congratulations Kim 🙂

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