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image credit: Theodoros Pelecanos (1478)

People all over the world have used the symbol of the Ouroboros to signify cycles, immortality, the eternal unity of all things. Renewal.

Renewal is something that we can do every day, in every moment. The opposite is homeostatis, which we’re actually psychologically more inclined toward. Still what we really want is transformation, to get beyond who we think we are. Why dream otherwise? Why strive? Renewal allows us to regain ground and to integrate what we’ve learned so that we can face what’s next with resilience and fortitude.

Our stories this month touch on and lean into the many ways we seek, find, and satisfy that desire to progress and renew, bringing us closer to things that only seem to live in potential. For when we renew ourselves, physically, mentally, emotionally, we find they were always within reach.

In May celebrate: South Asian & Asian Pacific American Heritage Month; Jewish American Heritage Month; International Worker’s Day (May 1st);  Renewal Day (May 4th); Cinco de Mayo (May 5th); Mother’s Day (May 13th); and Eritrean Independence (May 24th).

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