What Does It Mean to Live as Our Higher Selves?

by Judith Kajiwara

Has clutter in your home and yard finally got you down?
How about those old journals? Got stuff in there you no longer want to remember?
Have those once-cherished relationships become boulders on your shoulders?
Is relocation on the horizon?

Welcome to the NEW!
The NEW? What about the OLD??
My message to you: Get rid of it!

Lately I’ve been experiencing an unusual case of the “nesting urge.” Having birthed four daughters, it’s a familiar feeling. But why now?

I remember–like clockwork–exactly two weeks before delivery, being overwhelmed with this fervent obsessive-compulsion to have everything in its place. If it was taking up space, it was heartlessly tossed. Everything had to have a purpose and be clean and organized. After all, a NEW life was coming!

However, this is a different kind of “nesting urge.” One that’s preparing all of us for a bigger and better NEW life!

In my last post, I talked about the “ascension”, the “shift” and the new energies showering down upon our entire planet. As a human family, we have the chance to experience brand new opportunities to live within our unlimited potential and within fulfilling relationships, which finally let us really see and love each other.

But first, we have to get rid of our internal clutter–that excess baggage we’ve been recycling for decades, even lifetimes!  This means not only the baggage accumulated in our garages, but baggage on our bodies, in our minds, in our hearts–all of which are conditioned responses that are familiar and safe, yet prevent us from living as our Higher Selves.

First, let’s examine what it means to be our “lower selves.”

Ego is one of those nebulous words that has many meanings. For simplicity, I’ll refer to the ego as our “sense of Self.” There are two egos–our worldly ego (lower self) and our Spiritual Ego (Higher Self). We’ve been programmed to live in our worldly ego to survive the lower energies of the world.

The world can be seen as a jungle with a maze of overgrown trees, winding branches and vines, a jungle that suffocates our vision. How can we find our path when so much debris is blocking our light and so many creatures are lurking in the dark? The jungle is our family dynamics, our culture, our traditions, our beliefs, our fears, our insecurities, our addictions, our emotions, our relationships … on and on.

Is it possible to shift our experiences and be completely free? Can we really live successful, happy, productive lives with others of like heart and mind? Can we really experience each moment as peace, love, joy and compassion?

Our worldly ego is very powerful. It’s like the “controller” the kids (and many adults!) use to play their video games. They push a tiny button that releases a powerful force that then causes a pre-programmed reaction. When watching kids play video games, they subconsciously know exactly which buttons to push–with lightening speed! It’s amazing!

Our worldly egos are our personal controllers, pre-programmed with buttons ready to be pushed. Like a video game, they maintain the illusion of power and control.

Clearing our vision means becoming fully-conscious 24/7, relentless detectives. When overwhelming emotions, harsh words or unhealthy thoughts arise, simply ask yourself: How can I see and handle this in a heart-centered way? What is my role in creating this situation? How is fear playing into this?

Our worldly egos are fighting desperately to maintain power and control over our Spiritual Egos. However, it’s a losing battle. Love, Light and Compassion vibrate on far higher frequency levels than jealousy, anger, hurt, competition–you name it. The Higher Self/Spiritual Ego is far more powerful than the lower self/worldly ego. If we consciously work to empower our Spiritual Egos, we will gradually conquer all the fear-based, dense vibrational energies that crowd our energy fields. Our lower self dines & thrives on these dense energies. The more we work to clear our paths of overgrown, useless debris the sooner we can move into our Higher Selves.

The Universe is experiencing its own nesting urge. Its energies are helping us prepare to take our rightful place in the new world. We can begin by calling Bulky Waste Pickup, by hiding that sweaty game controller, or by letting go of those old, moldy repeating habits–much of it is detrimental to our health and well-being.

The great news is: In this lifetime, none of us is exempt from this powerful opportunity to rebirth and reach our highest potential!

May the Force be with you!

* * * * * *

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